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DW Leśniczówka Węgierska Górka

Oś.Leśniczówka 18, 34-350 Węgierska Górka

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Rooms with bathrooms, RTV SAT, Internet access, a parking lot, a gazebo, a sandpit and a swing. The price depends on the number of nights. There is a possibility to buy full board.

Integration parties.

It is possible

  • to use a kitchen but only for extra money - 5 PLN 24h/one room
  • to use only a fridge or an electric kettle - 3 PLN 24h/one room

On this area there is a pool for children only used in summer.


You can rent audiovisual equipment with a room for 50 people. Węgierska Górka is a beautiful place in Beskides. Sola river that flows through these surroundings makes this place ideal to relax in summer as well as in winter. Picturesque landscapes encourage to admire the mountains. For those who like bike riding there are two bike routes: blue route to Cisiec and Kaszemnica and the red one to Cięcina Górna. Węgierska Górka has got many restaurants, pubs, cafes and discos. Here there is also a sport center with tennis courts and a swimming pool. It is a great place to go mountaineering or to do some other sports. Near there are frontier crossings to Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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The company runs also accounts agency and BHP consulting.

Beauty and hair-dressing salon in Bielsko-Biała

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History of Węgierska Górka in the photogallery from 1900.


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~18 km -  Accommodations Korbielów(78)
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